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About Diane Wilczewski

 I teach people how to get the most potential out of their brain, lose fear, raise their awareness and enjoy their life again. 


Through my own work of being fully engaged in activating my brain and establishing a meditation practice, I turned my once stressful, difficult and unhappy life into one that continues to inspire and bring me joy. 


I am a single working mother of four grown children, a CPA for over 30 years.  After sitting in front of 3 computer screens for 50+ hours a week and raising a family in a difficult marriage, I was completely broken 5 years ago, in 2013. 

I was on a mission to find peace and happiness


I first turned to counseling (which I recommend) and also to prescription anti-depressants for help.  Although I thought they helped me initially, I just got more anxious and depressed and paralyzed with fear.  I knew changes were necessary for me to make in order to get well, but I couldn't face making them.  

I saw a live demonstration of a gentle touch technique that helps bring an amazing deep, long breath through your body.  I tried it, driving to Chicago for treatments.  That was in June of 2013.  Ever since that day, my life began to change.  

I began to feel better and was able to address difficult issues in my life.  As I took action, my emotional state grew stronger and my life got much, much better.   

I got trained in this technique.  I HAD to KNOW how to do it in order to help others.  I am a Mastery Level Facilitator for the Higher Brain Living and Source Code Meditation techniques.  

I now truly believe that through our bodies we can transform our lives.  The world seems to be complicated and  stressful.  It doesn't have to be that way.  I believe that I must step up and help others.  I must tell them what I know and offer them a chance to change their habits and transform their lives.  

I would be happy to meet with you, give you more depth about the technique and provide 2 sample sessions to try.  

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